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  1. A Villa Louisa Wedding | Hartford, CT Wedding Photographer

    A Villa Louisa in Bolton, CT has a gorgeous on-site ceremony location nestled on the hill top among the trees and gorgeous gardens. The guests mingled on their waterfall patio for cocktails and cigars before dinner.  This wedding was created by Nicole Bushey under contract for Teresa Johnson Photography.

  2. Stonehurst at Hampton Valley Wedding | Hampton, CT Photographer

    One thing I know about weddings - when a big, burly, tattooed guy starts crying as his daughters walk down the isle, everyone cries. There were a lot of touching moments (family dance, parent dances and father of the bride’s slideshow) and even more moments of pure silliness and laughter…

  3. Publick House Brunch Wedding | Sturbridge, MA Wedding Photographer

    What’s better than getting married? Getting married AND having bacon. Seriously, nothing smells better than breakfast. Mike and Melody had their brunch wedding at The Publick House in Sturbridge, MA. I arrived to make some images of Melody and her gals getting ready. They helped each other get their hair…

  4. Thompson, CT Wedding Photographer | Elopement Reception

    More and more people are deciding to elope and throw a reception/party at a later date. In fact, that’s what the hubs and I did. Well, we eloped at a local park…the party is still in the “someday” phase.  Dan and Julia were married in a small ceremony in the…

  5. 6 Wicked Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

    The only rule of having a Bachelorette Party: Don’t go out the night before the wedding.  The bride needs her sleep, and there’s probably a lot going on the day before the wedding. Do everyone a favor and host it at least a week or two before the Big Day.…

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