6 Wicked Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

The only rule of having a Bachelorette Party: Don’t go out the night before the wedding. 

The bride needs her sleep, and there’s probably a lot going on the day before the wedding. Do everyone a favor and host it at least a week or two before the Big Day. Other than that, there’s no wrong way to host a bachelorette party. Take in consideration what the bride is most passionate about and find an extreme version of it. 

1. Breweries & Vineyards

With all the craft and microbreweries that are popping up everywhere, grab your hops loving friends and head out on a Brew Tour or have a flight at your favorite brew pub. More of a wine crowd? Take a tour on the Connecticut Wine Trail while nibbling fancy cheese and the views vineyards always offer. Check out Beer Lover’s Wedding Venues.

2. Take a Class

Learn the art of homemade pasta while taking a cooking class, pick up a paint brush at your local paint night, do goat yoga or have a Trapeze Party! (I’m so excited that this is a real thing!)

3. Wild Night Out

Get a hotel room and spend the afternoon prepping and primping for a night of dancing with snacks and drinks while you choose one of the 5 dresses you brought. Have your girls wear all black while you wear white and preform a scavenger hunt. (Bonus points if you make a silly hat like this for bar hopping.)

4. Wild Night In

Three words: swimming pool margarita. Okay, it’s more like a big storage bin, but either way, it’s impressive. At this sleepover party, you can make some jello shots, play some drinking games and do Drunk Twister. 

5. Catch a Show

Find an adult-themed show like this Drag Brunch or Magic Mike Night or even a comedy club or concert if you want to keep it a little more PG.

6. Dinner Party

If you’re a serious foodie, find the absolute best restaurant around and reserve a table. Sit and break bread with all your favorite friends while you laugh and tell stories. 

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