5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Sparkler Exit & Tips for Success

You see dreamy photos like the one above, and you decide you HAVE to do it. I get it, it’s gorgeous and romantic and seems easy enough, right? Wrong. There’s a lot of things to consider (pulls up mom jeans) and it’s usually a bad idea. Hear me out….

1. Fire is dangerous. Pyrotechnics in the hands of your drunk friends maaaay not be the best idea. Think about how they are around a campfire at 1am - do you trust them to not start you on fire?

2. You must get permission. Many venues don’t allow open fire/fireworks for insurance purposes.

3. That gorgeous dress of yours is rather flammable and sparklers, well, spark. Make sure you think about the possibility of burn marks. 

4. You’re going to need help. There were at least 5 assistants from the venue helping behind the scenes of the featured wedding. 

5. Do you have enough time? Check your timeline. As a photographer, I hardly ever stay to the very end of the reception (trust me, no one needs that many dancing photos). One option: stage an “exit” during the reception, but beware - I’ve heard horror stories about guests getting confused and leaving, so make sure you slip out quietly. Also, it could possibly piss off the DJ. It takes skill to get (and keep) the dance floor full. Make sure they know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. 

So you still want to do this? Fine. 

  • Find (sober) help
  • Take off your veil
  • Bring lighters (lots, maybe 1 for every 2-3 people)
  • Extra long sparklers = longer burn time
  • Put your guests in place before igniting 
  • Light the sparklers at the same time

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Nicole Bushey is a Wedding Photographer for the joyful couples throughout New England, based in Woodstock, CT. A lover of all things silly and your wise best friend throughout your wedding day. 

*These images were created while working under contract for Kelly Cronin Photography. A lovely mentor and friendographer.

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