The Well Dressed Family - looking good for family portraits | Pomfret, CT Family Portrait

You finally decided to have family portraits done (it’s been a while, I’m sure), you book your session, and glance lovingly at your kids – panic sets in. They have been wearing the same Garanimals all summer, and you can’t remember the last time they had an actual bath (swimming counts, right?). 

I’m here to help with a few tips to polish up before your next picture day - you can also check out my Pinterest board for inspiration.

DON’T: select exact matching outfits. It’s a dated look that generally doesn’t
work. (i.e. same color jeans, with the same shirt for the whole family).

DO: Pick 2 or 3 colors and let everyone show their personality with patterns, texture and layers (think jackets, sweaters, scarves).

DON’T: Please please please…don’t wear white, large logos/characters or stained, wrinkly clothes.

DO: get creative and show your personality with clothes you feel
comfortable and confident in. Dudes - if you’ve been given the gift of facial hair,
shave it, trim it or whatever it is that makes you look fresh. Oh, and
get a hair cut. Ladies - wear something that doesn’t show your bra
straps, fix your hair, or have it styled
professionally, bring some extra lip gloss and take the time to get a manicure!

Last fall, the Brisson family got in touch with me about family portraits at Lapsley Orchard in Pomfret, CT. They followed all the rules and looked great for their fall family portraits.

These tips (and more!) are all part of how I help my clients have the perfect session. When you book your family portraits, I hold your hand through the whole process - starting with choosing a location & clothing, tips to bribe your kids (and husband) and selecting images perfect for your home. 

Send me a message to get started today!

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