Inn at Woodstock Hill Wedding | Woodstock, CT Photographer

It all starts with a first date. You know, get matched on one of those sites and decide to catch some romantic comedy together. James and Cristen did just that - and found themselves watching the Deadpool movie one fateful March day. Fast forward the years and add their travels around the world, I would say the matching was pretty spot-on that day. They celebrated their love at The Inn at Woodstock Hill in Woodstock, CT, serenaded by an acoustic guitarist and “tied the knot” by the garden lined gazebo. 

“In a world full of heartache
Seems like everyone’s burning out
You and me we did it our way
And this love ain’t running out
We got that fire, that glow
And I just need you to know

You’re my favorite song, my sing-along
You shine bright like lighters in the dark, and
You’re my clarity, the best part of me
You still make my crazy little heart go boom!”


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