Erin & James | Thompson, Connecticut Wedding

Erin and James, Thompson Connecticut Wedding

There are times in your life that you become so overwhelmed with the good vibes that you just can’t handle your emotions. You are receiving so many loving thoughts from those around you that you can actually feel your spirit become more joyful and more loved.  

I know Erin. She’s a tough, don’t fuck with me sort of lady who likes beer and swears. Yeah, she’s my kinda gal. 

…and she turned to mush. 

Love notes from the groom.

Hand made scrap book album from the groom

I’ve seen it happen before and it’s completely understandable. The day you’ve been planning for months (or years) is finally here and the whole thing feels like one amazing dream. It doesn’t help keep your eyes dry when your husband-to-be does all sorts of thoughtful things for you. 

As a before the wedding gift, not only did James make a scrapbook with pages reserved for their future together, but he also left sweet little notes on the bottom of Erin’s boots that she wore with her wedding gown. She sat with her daughters and looked through the pages, weeping at the gesture.  Talk about water works. One of the toughest parts of my job is fighting through my own emotional reactions to capture the moment….also so effing rewarding. 

…and they live happily ever after. 

Erin and James had a really fun laid-back pavilion wedding at the Thompson Rod and Gun Club. It was an amazing party and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Check out some of their wedding photos below!


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