Dogs Are People Too

614 square feet. No closets. 5 people and two pets.

Of course in a cape they don’t count the slanted roofs as useable space. Now you know exactly why we need a bigger space. Sometimes it feels greedy to want a bigger home. We are  warm and dry, and that’s what matters, right?

One of the biggest challenges our family faces is finding a pet-friendly property. The listings I find in our budget don’t accept pets. That’s just crazy. I know for a fact that our pets are far less destructive and much better tenants than the kids are. 

  • They don’t jump on beds. 
  • They don’t hang Tiger Beat posters on the walls.
  • They don’t flood the toilet.
  • They prefer not to shower at all.
  • They don’t slam doors.

I know we will find the “right” place when the time is right - I’m practicing my patience. (If you know of a 3 bedroom, animal friendly place for a family on a budget, hook me up!)

Your dog is family too, heck, maybe they are your only “kids” (good choice, btw), make sure you include them in your family portraits. Become a client today and include your whole family.

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