Do I Need To Hand Write Thank You Cards?

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll start to catch yourself Googling so many questions. What did brides do before the Internet? Today I’ll give you some wedding Etiquette tips to a popular question - Do I really need to hand write every thank you card?

Short answer - Yes. Definitely. The effort shows you care that they took the time to share in your Best Day Ever. 

Here’s a few ideas to keep you sane and avoid carpal tunnel while sending your gratitude:

1. Share the duties with your spouse. I mean, it’s only fair.

2. Before you freak out; remember, you’ll only be sending 1 card per household, not per guest. So if you invited Uncle Bob, Aunt Sue and your cousins who live at home, that’s only one card…making the list much less intimidating.  

3. Address the envelopes ahead of time. You have the addresses of the RSVP list - add them to your excel spreadsheet and print them - you may have picked up these skills with the other invitations & thank yous from your engagement party, bridal shower and wedding.

4. Order photo thank you’s with a generic “Thanks for celebrating” line, and personalize with a little note. (please refer to #1)

5. Hire a professional to do the writing - this may be especially good for those who write like a 10 year old. Find a calligrapher, send those photo cards and personalized greetings. 

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