30 Ways To Have More Fun At Your Wedding

You ever want to say “screw it” when you think about all the wedding traditions you have to uphold? What if I told you that you don’t have to follow any of those rules. Not a single one. 

Don’t want to throw a bouquet? Don’t. 

Want to wear a colorful or flowery dress? Do it. (I bet it’s gorgeous!)

I challenge you to blaze your own trail and do things however you want. Here’s a list of 30 crazy ways to bring your imagination to the table when planning your wedding

1. Bounce house/inflatable rentals.

2. Circus - Hire a trapeze act or other performer, or even become part of the show yourself!

3. Get married on a boat or cruise. You can forego the traditional cruise lines and find a boat to charter for a cruise around a lake or harbor.

4. Magician. Magic always makes people smile. I wonder if there’s a magician Justice of the Peace? Totally worth looking into.

5. Halloween Wedding - because wedding attire is already a costume, why not go all out and have your nuptials roll into a Halloween celebration?

6. Masquerade Theme - everyone dresses as Victorian as they can and dawn those pretty masks.

7. Alice in Wonderland Inspired - You can have a tea party, wear hats and eat cookies. 

8. Mountain Top - several of the New England mountains have mountain-top lodges, or lifts to escort your guests to beautiful overlooks with seating.

9. Zip Line - maybe you really love adventure and want to zip in to your reception. You can even rent a portable zip line from carnivals.

10. Hay Ride - not uncommon for a New England farm wedding, you can set up hay rides for your guests to have during cocktail hour. (hire a guitarist to ride with them on the wagon, and it will be heavenly!)

11. Horse Drawn Wagon Entrance - have a memorable entrance to and from your ceremony with a picturesque ride.

12. Brewery - for the craft beer lovers, have your wedding at a brewery. Transform the taproom of your favorite beer into a hoppy party!

13. Winery - what pairs well with your wedding cake? Enjoy some local made wine with your wedding dinner.

14. Foodie’s Paradise - hire a chef to prepare the most amazing/unique/favorite meal for you and your guests.

15. Food Truck - everyone likes a delicious meal made fresh. Hire your favorite food trucks to serve your guests uniquely.

16. Hibachi Restaurant - If you haven’t been to a hibachi restaurant, you’ve been missing out. The chefs twirl their utensils, make fires and toss food into your mouth - fun!

17. Camp Wedding - you can rent an entire camp, with cabins for your guests. Imagine the s’mores around the bon fire, team games crafts, canoes and more!

18. Hippie Wedding - dip dye your dress, have the guys in tie-dye, arrive in a VW Van, and wear your flower crown for a groovy time.

19. Confetti Canon Exit - Who doesn’t want it to rain (biodegradeable) paper shreds?

20. Pop of Color - add bright shoes, flowers and other details to have a colorful day.

21. Farm Fresh - find a farm that has farm to table fresh foods, and you know the food is going to be delicious.

22. Parade - surprise your guests with a parade entrance/exit - donate to the girls scouts/ marching band and get them to participate!

23. Decade themes - pick a decade and you have a theme. Have your wedding party dressed as your favorite years - 20’s- jazz and flappers, 50’ - think Grease, 70’s - disco, etc

24. Picnic - have red checkered table cloths, pendant banners and yard games.

25. Garden Party - have your reception among a beautiful flower garden or greenhouse!

26. Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

27. Tattoos - hire a couple tattoo artists for guests to receive a predetermined tattoo design related to your wedding.

28. Carnival - have a Ferris wheel, cotton candy and ring toss.

29. Renaissance Fair - get married at a castle or just have a mock one made along with medieval dress and giant turkey legs.

30. Weed Wedding - as more and more states join the legal marijuana band wagon, you’ll be seeing more couples adding a high touch to their big day.

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