Pro-Tips: 3 Ways to Stretch Your Flower Budget | Garden Gate Weddings | Connecticut Wedding Photography

My favorite wedding detail is the flowers - those perfect bouquets that complete a bride’s look. They have the ability to tie in colors and themes and add a beautiful touch to your wedding ceremony and reception. After seeing a gorgeous bouquet made by my local florist Allison at Garden Gate Florist in Woodstock, Connecticut - I thought she would be the perfect person to meet to talk flowers and how to maximize your budget. 

What recommendations can you give to maximize a bride’s budget?

“My advice for bride’s looking to maximize their budget’s would be to order flowers that are in season. Out of season flowers can be found on the flower market, because flowers are grown all over the world, but they can be pricey. Another way to make the most of a tight budget is to concentrate on the pieces that will be seen the most and/ or the longest. Having a beautiful bouquet for the bride and nice bouquets and boutonnieres for the bridal party will be seen by everyone and will make your pictures look beautiful. Placing flowers, even a few, on the dining tables will soften the room and make a welcoming  space for guests.” Allison Britt, Garden Gate Florist

  • choose in season flowers
  • concentrate on bouquets and boutonnieres
  • even a few flowers on your tables will be welcoming to guests

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