3 Reasons to have a Small Wedding

Everyone has a different idea of The Perfect Wedding - and for a lot of people (myself included), that means a short guest list of only your very closest friends and family. Here are a few reasons in-favor of hosting an Intimate Wedding.

1. Visit Guests. You’ll have time to sit with your Grandma while she reminisces about her wedding day and laugh with your best friends as they bring up old stories and blessings for your marriage.
2. Smaller Spotlight. If the idea of being the center of 200 people’s attention scares the crap out of you, you may want to opt for a shorter guest list.
3. Save Money. Let’s face it, having the venue of your dreams can be quite expensive even before catering costs and the open-bar tab. Keeping your list small means you can spend that extra money on your honeymoon, the dress of your dreams, and the coolest photographer you know. (wink, wink)

These two were married in China surrounded by the groom’s family, then they came back to the USA and celebrated a second time surrounded by their American friends and family.

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Nicole Bushey is a Wedding Photographer for the joyful couples throughout New England, based in Woodstock, CT. A lover of all things silly and your wise best friend throughout your wedding day. 

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